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Dr. Kyle’s Background
Dr. Kyle Tran has been active in sports from a young age.  From coaching JV and Varsity high school volleyball, and competing in sports himself, he understands how sports can impact the joints and muscles of the body.  This led him to study Sports Medicine and be certified in physiotherapy, personal training, and therapeutic massage.
As a personal trainer and massage therapist, he realized that the body’s muscles were only one component of injury prevention.  This led him to study the biomechanics of the body through chiropractic.   Dr. Kyle gained an understanding of how structural imbalances can also cause injuries to joints and muscles. 
While studying chiropractic medicine at Palmer Chiropractic College, Dr. Kyle specialized in posture analysis, sports injury & rehabilitation, and extremity adjusting. Through these specialties, he can work to alleviate clients’ pains without the use of drugs or unnecessary surgeries.
What Makes TranSport Chiropractic Different?
From the words of most of Dr. Kyle’s patients, “I didn’t know Chiropractors did that.”   “My last Chiropractor never did that.”  The “that” is looking at the whole body as a unit… adjusting imbalances that start at the feet.
Dr. Kyle spends the necessary time listening to each patient’s needs.  This 1-on-1 attention allows him to focus on a targeted approach to treat and correct the main cause of the patient’s pain.  By focusing on the cause, Dr. Kyle can plan an effective and efficient treatment that will correct for the long term.
Dr. Kyle specializes in extremity adjustments because he believes that your feet, ankles, knees, wrists, elbow, shoulders, are all important to adjust in order to align the entire body. 

Part of the exam may include a digital foot analysis.  This allows Dr. Tran to see where the imbalance begins and to tailor a treatment plan specific to the individual patient.  This treatment may include exercises, muscle management, and massage.

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